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Adam gained initial experience of aerial mosquito control practices from his time spent in the Redland City Council Pest Management team 2011 -2014 being involved in ground and aerial operations in that time as part of the team.

Adam has been a fully licenced pest technician since 2005 has completed the MCAA run MOZ-01 Mosquito control course.

Adam has initiated, developed and lead vector control programs both for private enterprise and foreign government entities within the Central Pacific and is currently the director of No Mosquitoes – A successful local mosquito control service business and has been a member of the MCAA (Mosquito Control Association of Australia) for 8 years.

Adam has a strong knowledge of broad acre mosquito control techniques and products.

Aircraft Hanger


Katie’s experience and expertise relates to the development of future mosquito biological and insecticidal products, produced specifically for use by the application of a UAV.
Katie has many years of experience with insecticide and insect repellent formulations and is also extremely knowledgeable with regards to the APVMA registration and approval process with a number of successful products under her belt.
Although Katies work remains not front facing to UAV treatments, the work she is conducting behind the scenes will be an integral part of setting a path for greater product efficacy and efficiencies into the future.

Aircraft Maintenance


Derek has over 30 years’ experience in the UAV industry working with Fixed Wing, Multi Rotor and Fixed-Wing Hybrid VTOL with clients such as Boeing, The Royal Australian Airforce and Elson Space Engineering.

Derek has worked closely with CASA and its Delegates and has intimate knowledge CASA’s UAV legislation. Derek has provided consultation and advice to numerous agricultural drone service providers, resulting in participating and testing novel aerial product applications such as fertilisers and herbicides via UAV.

Derek also holds an ACDA chemical handling certificate and pilot chemical rating licence.

Derek sits on a number of national UAV club committees and is known as one of the top subject matter experts in his field.

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